Employee Development Program

Brewer Science, Inc., has a unique Employee Development Program that covers many different types and levels of employee activities and responsibilities. The company has seven different programs designed to engage employees, foster employee growth, and increase motivation, performance, and productivity:


In this program, which is strongly integrated with the Brewer Science University program, new employees will receive special training that will assist them in experiencing a successful beginning at Brewer Science.


Designed for supervisors or managers, this program provides employees with management and leadership training.


Like most companies, Brewer Science takes a strong stance on job shadowing. Special internal job shadowing programs have been set in place to help ensure that an employee does not become overwhelmed when he or she receives a promotion during his or her time here.


This program includes training designed to provide Brewer Science sales and customer service representatives, as well as other presenters, with the latest presentation techniques and tips for creating information and presenting it to our external customers.


Directors of Brewer Science meet to discuss specific topics and receive administrative updates.


Employees selected by the Corporate Management Team receive specialized leadership training.

Mentoring and Coaching

These specialized programs are designed to encourage and assist employees in achieving success in their current positions..