Human Rights Policy

Research and Development Brewer Science takes the issue of human rights seriously and as such has developed this policy regarding several human rights issues.

Workplace safety

Brewer Science has adopted OHSAS 18001 to drive continuous improvement to our safety systems wherever we operate. We encourage the free exchange of safety concerns or ideas from employees, suppliers, customers and the community to further enhance our operational safety.

Zero tolerance for harassment

Brewer Science believes in a zero tolerance approach to harassment, be it to or from employees, suppliers or customers. We believe in an environment free from discrimination and harassment, where people treat each other with respect, dignity, and courtesy. Any observation of harassment must be promptly reported to our human resources department.

Prevention of child or forced labor

Brewer Science does not employee individuals under the age of 16 and employees under the age of 18 may not perform hazardous work. Brewer Science does not tolerate the use of child, forced, and indentured labor practices or human trafficking within our operations. We expect our suppliers to comply with these expectations. We have not identified any Brewer Science operations with significant risk for child labor or forced compulsory labor.