LiquiFil™ Automated Bottle-Filling System

LiquiFil™ automated bottling system – front view Brewer Science has engineered, developed, and qualified an extremely adaptable automatic filling system suitable for bottling electronics-grade, materials in a clean room environment.

LiquiFil™ automated bottling system – rear viewThe Brewer Science® system has a compact, highly flexible design that provides automated bottling and capping for medium-volume and pilot-scale chemical manufacturing needs. This automated bottle-filling tool features a flexible configuration with a small footprint and accommodates a variety of containers including NOWPak® bottles, Aicello glass or plastic bottles, and Kodama bottles. The LiquiFil™ system enables accelerated product development cycles and low- to medium-volume chemical manufacturing for semiconductor, life sciences, and adhesive industries. The system is intended for use in a class 100 clean room.

NowPAK® is a registered trademark of Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.