CNT solutions for CMOS production

Our CNT solutions are designed for use in CMOS fabs for manufacturing advanced electronic devices. CMOS foundries accept only materials of exceptional purity and with low ion content due to the risk of ion contamination. Our proprietary manufacturing processes purify CNT solutions to limit ion concentrations to only a few parts per billion in solution. We also employ proprietary processes to functionalize CNTs, producing stable CNT dispersions without the need for surfactants.

CMOS-compatible CNT solutions are primarily used for production of non-volatile memory devices based on NRAM® technology (for embedded-flash and DRAM) and have also shown promise for the manufacture of CNT-based sensors.

CNTRENE® material series for CMOS production

The CNTRENE® material series for CMOS production is a product set designed for manufacturing non-volatile memory devices such as NRAM® nanotube-based random access memory. NRAM® devices are the next generation of CNT-based non-volatile memory devices and are based on technology invented by Nantero, Inc. ( Brewer Science is the only licensed supplier of CNTs for the commercial application and high-volume production of NRAM® devices.

Current Products:

CNTRENE® Carbon Nanotube Solutions

Brewer Science® CNTRENE® C100LM carbon nanotube solution is designed for nonvolatile device production in harsh radiation applications.


  • Electronics-grade purity
  • Surfactant-free formulation
  • Benign solvent system

Two-Coat Sheet Resistance

Five-Coat Sheet Resistance



  • Surfactant-free aqueous system
  • Microelectronics-grade materials
  • CMOS-compatible process flows
  • High purity, with metallic ion concentrations of < 5 ppb
  • Prototype CNT-based transistors show average ON/OFF ratio of >4000 and mobility of >0.2 cm2/V.s

Processing of CNTRENE® materials

  • Spin-coatable CNT solutions
  • Process compatible with traditional IC fabrication equipment
  • Cure temperatures below 250°C
  • Back end of the line (BEOL) integration

SEM image of high-quality CNT material deposited using standard coat/bake processes
SEM image of high-quality CNT material deposited
using standard coat/bake processes