JoAnn Emerson visits Brewer Science

Apr 4, 2002

Representative JoAnn Emerson spent some time at Brewer Science on the morning of April 4 to learn more about Brewer Science. Topics covered during her visit included the New Business Group mission and projects as well as information on current research projects. Plans were also shared regarding our current facilities expansion, which will include building a new R&D facility at the Hy-Point Industrial Park in Rolla, Missouri. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid 2002.

With the help and support of the Missouri Congressional Delegation, Brewer Science has been awarded research funding for several defense related projects.

These projects include 1) research and development of specialty chemicals used in the manufacture of computer chips,
 2) research and development of new materials, processes and instruments used in the manufacture of computer chips and micromachines, and 3) the development of new thin films used in coating aircraft canopies. These three projects are supported by congressional appropriations in 2002. Representative Emerson as well as Senator's Bond and Carnahan have diligently worked to bring this support to the 8th congressional district and the State of Missouri.
Brewer Science, Inc.'s core business is bottom antireflective coatings (BARC's) used in the manufacture of computer chips, and Brewer is a world leader in this market. Research funding in this area is focused on the development of innovative BARC's to enable the next generation of microprocessor, memory and application specific microchips. As a result of Brewer's work in this area, computer chips have become faster, more reliable and more affordable both to the military and to commercial markets. As part of its New Business Group, Brewer is working to diversify the products it offers and move into new markets. Using this approach, Brewer has developed new materials, processes and instruments that offer the semiconductor industry new processes to planarize (i.e. make flat) integrated circuits used on microchips. These new processes developed by Brewer are innovative, lower the cost of ownership, and are environmentally friendly. Brewer is also developing new and complex materials used in coating aircraft canopies. The high performance of current fighter aircraft (such as the Joint Strike Fighter) have basically 'outstripped' the performance of current canopy coating materials. Brewer is developing new optically clear, abrasion resistant and conductive materials to meet the needs of future generations of fighter and other aircraft. The ultimate objective of Brewer in these projects is to bring innovative technology developments to a commercial product that is of benefit to both the military and commercial markets.

Dr. Terry Brewer founded Brewer Science, Inc. in 1981 and celebrated its 20th anniversary in business in 2001. Brewer currently has 260 employees worldwide with subsidiaries in both Europe and in China. Brewer participates in a global semiconductor marketplace with greater than 50% of sales generated outside the U.S. Brewer Science, Inc. is a company 'Of the People, For the Customer' and By the Technology', and continues to set the standard for innovative technology, products and services.

Loretta Wallis
Norm Dobson

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