Brewer Science Receives ISO 14001 Certification and QS9000 Certification

Feb 4, 2001

Since 1981, Brewer Science has provided innovative solutions to customer needs in the microelectronics, optical, and sensor industries. Brewer materials and equipment have played an important role in the success of these customers. Taking an active role in our communities while striving to exceed customer expectations are commitments that have always been shared by every Brewer employee. Our recent registrations to ISO 14001 and QS9000 were driven by these commitments.

In 1999 Brewer Science leadership chartered the Environmental Systems Team. This multifunctional team was charged with the responsibility to establish and maintain an effective Environmental Management System based on the requirements of the ISO 14001-1996 Standard. In order to establish a foundation for the EMS as well as a framework for setting environmental objectives and targets, Brewer's leadership established an environmental policy.

Brewer Science has established and is committed to maintaining an environmental management system with the overall objective of preventing pollution of the environment.

Brewer Science will comply with all relevant federal, local and IATA regulations wherever we operate. The system will drive continuous improvement through planning, monitoring,
 corrective action and management review.

Because of common needs and requirements, the EST decided to integrate the EMS into our Quality System. The team set about developing and implementing procedures necessary to establish a functioning EMS. One of the first procedures established was used to quantify environmental impacts resulting from operations. Based on an exhaustive assessment of current operations, six environmental impacts were determined to be significant. The aspects identified were water, paper, organic solvents, chemicals, electricity and consumables. The EST determined that adequate management programs already existed for organic solvents, chemicals, and consumables. The remaining three aspects, consumption of water, paper, and electricity were targeted for 10% reductions by year's end.

Expanding the scope of our Quality System from ISO9001 to QS9000 was driven by our commitment to excellence and has shifted the emphasis of systems from control to prevention of defects and continual improvement. Customer benefits will include reduction of variance and increased confidence in delivery. Our Quality Policy has been revised to reflect this new emphasis.

Brewer Science is committed to remain the supplier of choice to its customers. Every employee is charged with the responsibility to meet or exceed customer expectations. We will maintain quality systems that enable continuous improvement throughout all areas of our company for the benefit of all customers.

Brewer Science is presently engaged in supplier development, manufacturing process improvements and making our entire Quality System ever more effective. These efforts will continue to enhance our ability to provide customers with consistently high quality material and equipment solutions for applications in the microelectronics, optical and sensor industries.