Heartland Chautauqua Makes Second Appearance in Rolla

Jul 4, 2001

Heartland Chautauqua made its second appearance in Rolla this summer with Heartland Chautauqua: The Jazz Age - The Roaring Twenties.

"The Jazz Age - The Roaring Twenties" gave us an image this summer of America moving into the 20th century with speakers/scholars representing Henry Ford, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Harry S. Truman and Aimee Semple McPherson.

We saw an America transformed by the forces at work in the new century: Henry Ford had made the automobile available to the mass market and our country was "on the move" with evangelists like McPherson able to travel from town to town and reach the hearts of even the most isolated of our countrymen. Designers like Chanel had made that mobility more accessible to women by creating clothing that allowed for freedom of movement and minds like Fosdick and Truman, who were young men serving in the European Theater during World War I, carried the impact of the war back to the people.

But there is more to Chautauqua than history. When Chautauqua comes into a community if offers the public an opportunity to become active members of the community. Neighbors and family members come out to the sight and help erect the tent. They share meals together, listen to local musicians and talent together.

Without the commitment of individuals to lead committees and organize efforts, Chautauqua could not have been the successful event Mid-Missouri enjoyed. The Rolla Chautauqua Steering Committee included Cynthia Hobart, Nick Knight, EvaLee Lasater, Janet McKean, P.J. Mertens, Louise Morgan, Lucy Myers, Kathy Nickason and Chris Sowers.

Heartland Chautauqua was underwritten this year by Brewer Science, Inc and supported by generous contributions from the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce Tourism Fund, The University of Missouri-Rolla, Arts Rolla!, Cantex, Central Federal Savings and Loan Association, Country Mart, Delano Oil Company, FIRSTAR Bank, James and Gahr Mortuaries and McDonald's.

The Humanities Councils of Missouri and Illinois sponsor Heartland Chautauqua.