Brewer Science: Success in Phelps County - Around the World

Jul 4, 2001

With 225 people working at Brewer Science in the Hy-Point Industrial Park, and a list of 40 openings currently available, Brewer Science is an industry that keeps Phelps County growing.

"Our people numbers keep growing," said marketing coordinator Loretta Recklein. "We continue to recruit globally, to meet or exceed customer expectations."

Brewer Science got its start in 1981 as a three-person operation and has grown steadily over the years. "Rolla is the corporate headquarters. However, we have offices in the state of California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas and Idaho. We also have International offices in France Germany and England." Recklein said.

Brewer Science is a company that has discovered and helped to create an important place for itself in the world of information technology. Their customer base is worldwide and their products are varied. The company is a developer and producer of anti-reflective coatings, cost effective equipment, optical materials and has strong research and development capabilities for equipment and chemical solutions.

"We are involved in research and development all the time so that we can develop strategic partnerships with customers and meet or exceed their expectations," Recklein said. Brewer's specialty coatings and precision equipment are used in the creation and manufacturing of advanced, leading edge opto and micro-electronic devices. These products can be found in computers, cameras, displays, video recorders, medical instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, games and flight instrumentation panels.

"Our equipment segment of the business produces custom designed spinners and hot plates for the application of coatings" Recklein said. "We've sold more than 700 pieces of equipment globally and each one was designed to customer specifications."

However, the achievement of which Brewer Science representatives seem most proud is the company's involvement and commitment to the community. "Brewer Science supports the arts in Rolla," Recklein said "through sponsorship of Heartland Chautauqua, Ozark Actors Theatre, Arts Rolla! and other organizations and events." In addition, Brewer Science is involved in the community through their support of the Boys Scouts, the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, and many other community activities. "In cooperation with Route 66 Bicycles," Recklein said, "Brewer Science sponsored the 7th Annual Route 66 "Ride to the River" event during Summerfest. We also strongly supported the UMR Solar Car with technical support, contributions and hospitality items."

Brewer Science can be described as a people oriented business that strives to bring value into the community. Recklein also advised that Brewer Science is very active in the anticipated construction of a Child Development Center, which will be located in the Hy -Point Industrial Park through the Meramec Regional Planning Commission.

Brewer Science, Inc. has acquired a substantial art collection, which is currently on display throughout the building with well over 50 pieces of artwork, many of which represent the work of local artists. In addition, the company owns a number of interesting pieces of art, which they received as gifts from their customers. "Art stimulates creativity," Recklein said. "We believe in making the environment interesting."

Brewer Science, Inc. is also proactive in environmental concerns and according to Recklein has been awarded ISO14001 certification for their environmental policy. They also received awards for waste management control.

In October 2001, Brewer Science will begin the celebration of their 20-year anniversary with a series of events for employees, customers and the community. A part of the celebration will be an open house and a silent art auction of artwork donated by local artists. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Alzheimer's Association.