Arts and Science: Works by Local Artists Collected and Displayed at Brewer Science, Inc.

Jul 4, 2001

It's a business built around science, but the arts have delicately been woven into the operation. At Brewer Science, all it takes is a stroll down the hallways to gauge how the company values the arts. Even the company's logo has art on it.

"Dr Terry Brewer, company president has a neat idea," said Loretta Recklein, corporate marketing coordinator. "He wants us to be exposed to a variety of art because we are more than just a manufacturing and research center." As a result, pieces of art, many of which are from local artists, decorate the company walls.

"We have a little of everything including pastels, acrylics, pieces of sculpture, photographs, abstract, modern and tapestry," Recklein said. "Dr Brewer's wife, Paula, is an artist" Recklein said. "I feel that her interest has influenced Dr. Brewer. We have several on display that Paula has done."

The collection, which is still growing, contains 51 originals throughout the building. Brewer's office has an additional 17 pieces of artwork on display.

Among the artists are Paula Brewer, M. Joan Johnson, J. Trinidad, Theresa M. Emmett, Suzanne Hooke Schacher, Sandra A. Anderson, K. Lynn Grannemann, Sue Albertson, Steve Atkinson, Diane Knight, David Plank and Orval Reeves.

"We are constantly adding to the collection," Recklein said. "I think it is Dr. Brewer's idea to expose us - he has a unique philosophy that there are a lot of people here with science degrees and he wants to expose them to the arts. He wants us to see the creative side of the business. This is a nice tie-in with creating new technology."

The gallery also contains various pieces donated to the company from other businesses.

Barbara Schubring is the curator of the collection and maintains a list of the artwork, complete with title, media, artist, date and other pertinent information.

In October, Brewer Science will celebrate its 20th anniversary. As part of their anniversary celebration, Brewer Science will host a silent auction of artwork donated by various artists. All proceeds will go to benefit Alzheimer's research.

Dr. Brewer and his wife often return from vacation with artwork that they have purchased for Brewer Science. A team from the company is involved with getting the artwork displayed and labeled. Sometimes the artwork is rotated to different parts of the building. "We have a really good mixture of styles. So there is something here for all tastes. Even those who don't understand art will appreciate it." Recklein said.

Brewer Science's logo includes a picture of a hawk, which was created by Paula Brewer. "The hawk gives us an element of flight so we can rise above issues and problem solve," Sue Bruner, a member of the art team said. "We have flexibility and freedom in the company to make decisions." Bruner also said that the team hopes to have artists come in and answer questions about their work.

 Visitors to Brewer Science are taken through the hallways to view the artwork. Many of the visitors, Recklein said, are able to point our various artists they recognize.

"This is part of the uniqueness of Brewer Science," Recklein said. "The visitors are surprised that a business in the industrial park has an art collection. It is quite a contrast to see hard science and the arts existing together."

"We try to put some information with the artwork so that the artists name is associated with the artwork. Hopefully that has generated some business for the artists. It is amazing how much talent we have in this area," said Recklein.

"Brewer Science is really unique because we are located in the Ozarks working in the semi-conductor industry," Recklein said. "People don't expect to see a high-tech business in the Ozarks."

In the future the company is planing to continue the expansion of the art collection. "It is our goal with the next expansion to have a designated art gallery," Recklein said. "It will be an art gallery with pieces changing all the time. I see no danger of the collection getting stale because the Brewers love art."