Brewer Science, Inc. Begins 20th Year of Operation

Oct 4, 2001

On October 1, 2001, Brewer Science, Inc, located in the Hy Point Industrial Park in Rolla Missouri will begin its 20th year of operation. While every business has it's own story to tell, Brewer Science has one of the most unique.

Brewer Science has proven itself in the competitive semiconductor industry by growing world competitive technologies from a rural location outside Rolla, Missouri. While the location seems to be unusual, Brewer Science has managed to develop partnerships, establish a global customer base and fund innovative research efforts for the semiconductor industry. It has also grown its number of employees from 3 to 225 in 20 years and has grown from a 2500 square foot building to a 65000 square foot facility with research and manufacturing capabilities to exceed customer expectations.

While the growth of this company is phenomenal, one of the best kept secrets about Brewer Science, Inc. is the people. "The people of Brewer Science is where the real success story lies," says Dr. Brewer. Under the leadership of Dr. Terry Brewer, this company recognizes that its real resource is people. While many companies give lip service to this philosophy, Brewer Science lives it.

"Each day at Brewer Science is an opportunity for individuals to grow and learn," says Dr. Brewer. Everyone at Brewer Science shares this belief. The culture at Brewer Science is one that provides an environment for the professional growth of employees. Opportunities are presented for people to excel and be challenged.

The innovative idea to grow people is the brainchild of the owner, Dr. Terry Brewer. While Dr. Brewer has worked as a manager of an advanced integrated circuit development lab for two large corporations, he felt that people were the real strength of a company. However, many large companies do not recognize the potential that employees have to move a company forward and a valuable resource is ignored. Sometimes employees loose their individuality and their potential is diminished in the highly structured bureaucracy found in many companies.

Dr. Brewer has taken his belief in the power of people to a new level. One manifestation of his belief is a series of interactive classes and discussion groups facilitated by Dr. Brewer to develop "soft-skills" or "people-skills". The sessions are held several times per month and often last for 3 hours or more as groups explore ways to help employees develop their potential and look at breaking down communication barriers. The classes provide attendees with ways to grow professionally, personally and also begin the development of creative pathways to help facilitate grow in professional relationships. Required reading for these classes includes a variety of books, such as, "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter M. Senge and "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. Lecture, presentations and discussions allow for brainstorming and idea sharing to expand on concepts. Discussions are often lively and enthusiastic as classmates share and apply theory to reality. This helps strengthen the culture and move the company forward to meet the challenges in the marketplace.

Sometimes, guest speakers will facilitate a class. New concepts are examined and as awareness increases, momentum will build. This environment provides the people of Brewer Science with the freedom to achieve.

The goal is to provide people with an awareness that they are more than their job title. As individuals grow and achieve, it challenges others to grow and achieve. As momentum builds creativity grows and people become empowered and energized to achieve more. Freedom of choice provides employees with the freedom to succeed personally and professionally. At Brewer Science you will find that job descriptions change frequently as professionals enhance their skills and take on active roles in the development of products and both internal and external relationships.

While some companies believe that leadership occurs at the top of a company, Dr. Brewer believes that leadership occurs at every level of the company. It is not unusual to find Dr. Brewer in the hallways sharing ideas with employees or in a meeting talking to the directors. Everyone has value and is an important part of Brewer Science.

While many businesses are scrambling to reach a certain profit margin or make a targeted amount of money Brewer Science is clearly focused on helping people be successful. "By helping customers be successful, we will be successful," says Dr. Brewer.
 In 1981 Dr. Brewer, set the company's vision stating that "Brewer Science will be a company of the people, for the customer and by the technology". Today, 20 years later the vision remains the same. Dr. Brewer can be found casually chatting with employees about this vision regularly. "Our challenge is to keep the focus simultaneously centered on customer success, company success and individual success", says Dr. Brewer.

The company's mission to sustain long term success is strengthened by the corporate culture and the diversity found in the employees and in the product offerings. The strong culture and diversity have helped the company grow for the last 20 years.

While the company has its global headquarters in Rolla, Missouri, there are field offices in Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Texas. Brewer Science, Limited is located in the United Kingdom along with international offices in France and Germany. Agents to assist with selling and servicing the Brewer Sciences product portfolio can be found in a large number of locations globally.

Brewer Science has achieved some significant milestones in their 20 years and is QS9000 certified as well as ISO14001 certified. Brewer Science is the recipient of two national Tibbets Awards, which is made annually to small firms, which are judged to exemplify the best in Small Business Innovation Research.

Brewer Science is a leading developer and manufacturer of bottom anti-reflective coatings, other specialty chemicals and instruments used in making computer chips. Brewer products are used as a part of the photolithography process to essentially print circuits on both microprocessor and memory chips. The photolithography process, similar
 to a photographic process, allows 0.10 micron and smaller features to be fabricated on the chips.

Brewer materials are found in products such as computers, cameras, video recorders, cellular phones, medical instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, games, and flight instrument displays on military and commercial aircraft, and NASA's space shuttle.

Brewer is currently developing state-of-the-art materials for photolithography, and these new materials will meet the semiconductor industry roadmap for the next 3 – 4 years.
 "Brewer Science continues to innovate materials, processes and instruments used in the semiconductor industry through its strong research and development efforts," states Dr. Terry Brewer, the company president. "Our competitive edge is our ability to move quickly from research through commercialization, so that our company will remain a leader in the semiconductor industry."

Many other things make Brewer Science unique. Brewer Science has strong support from the Rolla Community and also strongly supports the Rolla community, Brewer Science has taken an active role in the quest for a child development center in the Hy Point Industrial park which is targeted to be open in 2002. You can also find that Brewer Science is involved in the sponsorship of Chautaqua, The Ozark Actors Theatre, March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Summerfest, Ride to the River, Summer Youth Drama Camp, Russel House, University of Missouri Solar Car Team and dozens of other charities and community events.

Brewer's 20th year will be highlighted by several events. One of the major events will be a silent auction for Alzheimer's Association. Local artists from Arts Rolla, have donated original works of art for this event, which will be held in May of 2002. All monies from this event will be dedicated to Alzheimer's research. There will also be an open house for the community and customers to visit and learn more about Brewer Science and its uniqueness.

"We are a company that gives to the community" states Dr. Brewer. "We are more than just a place of employment." As the 20th year begins, Brewer Science continues to be a company with an environment conducive to professional growth, personal growth and the growth of innovative technologies. You can learn more about Brewer Science at