Brewer Science, Inc. Seeks ISO 14001 Certification

Sep 4, 2000

Recognizing our responsibility to protect the environment, Brewer Science, Inc has established an environmental policy and adopted the internationally recognized ISO14001 Environmental Management System model.

Brewers Environmental Systems Team focused on developing and implementing procedures for identifying environmental aspects and impacts. These procedures were then used by the entire company to identify six significant aspects. They are water, paper, organic solvents, chemicals, electricity and consumables.

A preliminary third party audit has been conducted and action is underway to address all of the recommended improvements. The EST is now working to integrate the Environmental Management System into our existing QS9000 Quality System. We will apply for ISO 14001 certification in September 2000.

Brewer Science, Inc.
 Environmental Policy

Brewer Science has established, and is committed to maintaining an environmental management system with the overall objective of preventing pollution of the environment. Brewer Science will comply with all relevant federal, local, and IATA regulations wherever we operate. The system will drive continuous improvement through planning, monitoring, corrective action and management review.