Brewer Science, Inc. Receives National Tibbetts Award

Oct 9, 2000

From U.S. Small Business Administration

WASHINGTON, DC -- Brewer Science, Inc., located in Rolla, Missouri was named the recipient of the National Tibbetts Award on October 1, 2000. This prestigious national award is made annually to small firms, organizations and individuals judged to exemplify the best in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). SBIR is focused on technological innovation and commercial application and was conceived and implemented by Mr. Roland Tibbetts in the early 1980's.

Nominees for the Tibbetts award include businesses or individuals working on projects which lead to significant industrial advances, achievement in technological applications, creation of new and or increased export activity, and/or innovations which provide new or strengthened national capabilities. The sixty three companies and individuals winning the Tibbett's award in 2000 represent less than 1% of the companies participating in the SBIR program across the U.S.

Brewer Science is a leading developer and manufacturer of bottom anti-reflective coatings, other specialty chemicals and instruments used in making computer chips. Brewer products are used as a part of the photolithography process to essentially print circuits on both microprocessor and memory chips. The photolithography process, similar to a photographic process, allows 0.10 micron and smaller features to be fabricated on the chips. Brewer materials are found in products such as computers, cameras, video recorders, cellular phones, medical instrumentation, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, games, and flight instrument displays on military and commercial aircraft, and NASA's space shuttle. Brewer is currently developing state-of-the-art materials for photolithography, and these new materials will meet the semiconductor industry roadmap for the next 3 – 4 years.

Advances made by Brewer in its products are reflected in faster, more robust and energy efficient chips that positively impact both military and commercial applications. "Brewer Science continues to innovate materials, processes and instruments used in the semiconductor industry through its research and development efforts," states Dr. Terry Brewer, the company President.

The Fifth Annual Tibbetts award ceremony was held in Washington DC on October 3, 2000 and the award was presented to Dr. Norman Dobson, Director of Research and Development at Brewer Science, Inc. "It is an honor to be nominated and receive the Tibbetts award, as this is a very prestigious award in the SBIR community" states Dr. Dobson. "We are delighted that the Small Business Administration recognizes the research and technology contributions made by the people at Brewer Science. Our competitive edge is our ability to move quickly from research through commercialization so that our company will remain a leader in the semiconductor industry."

This is the second Tibbetts award received by Brewer Science, Inc. The first award was presented to Dr. Terry Brewer, founder of Brewer Science, Inc. in 1998.