Brewer Science Receives Congressional Funding for Research

Oct 10, 2000

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO) joined her colleagues in the U.S. Congress in support of a $288 billion Department of Defense spending plan for Fiscal Year 2001. The FY 2001 Department of Defense Appropriations bill (H.R. 4576) provides an increase of $18.2 billion over the current fiscal year defense appropriation, and nearly $3.3 billion more than was budgeted for defense by the President. "This bill includes very important funds to preserve the safety of the American people, and improve the quality of life for every man and woman serving in the military and the National Guard," said Emerson. "In addition, I am pleased to see Brewer Science, Inc., located in Rolla, Missouri, has received the research funding they need to keep on the advanced track with the important technology they have developed." Funding of Brewer research also received support from Senator Kit Bond, Senator John Ashcroft, and Representative Jim Talent. Brewer Science, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals (such as bottom anti-reflective coatings), and instruments used in making computer chips. Brewer products are used as a part of the photolithography process to essentially print circuits on both microprocessor and memory chips. The photolithography process, similar to a photographic process, allows 0.10 micron and smaller circuits to be fabricated on the chips. Advances made by Brewer in specialty chemicals, processes and instruments are reflected in faster, more robust and energy efficient chips that positively impact both military and commercial applications. Brewer materials are found in products such as computers, cameras, video recorders, cellular phones, medical and telecommunications equipment, automobiles, games, and flight instrument displays on military and commercial aircraft, and NASA's space shuttle. Brewer is currently developing state-of-the-art materials for photolithography, and these new materials will meet the semiconductor industry roadmap for the next 3 – 4 years. Brewer will receive $2.5million dollars through this bill. This research funding will be administered though a Phase III contract with the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) located in Huntsville, Alabama. "Brewer Science continues to develop innovative materials used in the semiconductor industry through its research and development efforts," states Dr. Terry Brewer, company President. "This award will enable our company to meet our customers new technology and product requirements." Brewer Science's ability to develop innovative technology in specialty chemicals and instruments has been its competitive edge in a rapidly growing and changing marketplace. Dr. Brewer goes on to state, "Our ability to move quickly from research to commercialization has enabled our company to outpace our competitors and remain a leading supplier to the integrated circuit industry.

In addition, the legislation includes an increase of nearly $1 billion over FY2000 for military health care, a 3.7 percent pay raise, and enhances the quality of life for the nation's 2.1 million active-duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel.