Brewer Science Receives Outstanding Contribution in Management Award

Nov 12, 2001

Ozark Rivers Solid Waste Management District

Brewer Science, Inc. has been selected to receive one of the Ozark Rivers Solid Waste Management District's Outstanding Contribution Awards for the year 2000. This award recognizes the leadership and initiative taken at Brewer Science in managing solid waste through a special household hazardous waste collection week sponsored for Brewer Science employees.

Brewer Science, Inc has adopted a formal environmental awareness policy that commits to protect the environment and expects employees to perform their duties in an environmentally friendly manner. "It is our hope that we will serve as a positive example for other businesses, organizations and communities" states Mr. Kimbrough, Regulatory Manager.

Sam Kimbrough organized the household hazardous waste collection for the employees. The award was accepted by Sam Kimbrough on November 27 at the annual banquet for the Ozark Rivers Region.