Improve your process with the latest anti-reflective coating from Brewer Science - DUV112

Feb 14, 2005

DUV112 is the latest product in Brewer Science's BARC product family line. This product is specifically designed for certain devices that require a very low defects BARC. DUV112 has been demonstrated to have extremely high resolution, broad resist compatibility, high etch rate, excellent shelf life (in normal storage conditions) and easy to process. And just like all of our latest ARC® products, DUV112 is PFOS-Free.

Bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARCs) have been widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductors in conjunctin with photoresist during the photolithography step of the process. DUV112 allows the extension of current KrF exposure systems to obtain 90nm lithography node, enhanced critical dimension (CD) control and the elimination of reflective notching.

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