Brewer Science PFOS Free Products

Feb 7, 2005

Brewer Science activity pursues removal of PFOS from all commercialized anti-reflective coating materials.

Brewer Science, the leading supplier of anti-reflective coatings, has eliminated  PFOS (perflurooctyl sulfonates) in its newer ARC® Brand of anti-reflective  coatings. Additionally, the removal of PFOS in all of its commercially  offered products is aggressively being pursued. The company complies  with the environmental certification of quality, ISO14001, and views  providing products free of PFOS as a proactive step toward providing  both a safe workplace and sound environmental stewardship.
Currently, all of Brewer Science's latest generation  anti-reflective coating products (ARC33, ARC29A, ARC28, ARC27,  ARC25, IMBARC, DUV74, DUV64, DUV54, DUV52, DUV44, DUV42P,  DUV32, DUV30J, DUV30, Wet i, i-CON, XHRi-C) do not contain  PFOS. Further, the company has been working cooperatively  with a number of its major customers to remove PFOS from  older generations of products. "Our commitment to produce  materials that are at the leading edge of safety and health  issues is a strong driver behind our product development  roadmap", according to Keith Strassner, Business Manager  for the ARC® Division of Brewer Science, "Brewer  Science is committed to protecting the environment and the  safety of our employees and our customers' employees.  We believe the proactive steps that we have taken demonstrate  this long-term commitment."

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