Brewer Science at a Glance

Jan 3, 2005

BREWER SCIENCE AT A GLANCE OVERVIEW: Brewer Science Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1981 in Rolla MO. Thanks to a heavy emphasis on research, it has become a leader in innovative chemical and instrument solutions for the microelectronic, optoelectronic, MEMS and sensor industries. Brewer Science has received nearly two-dozen business awards in the past few years, and more than 30 awards for its research. As a result, Brewer Science has grown to become a global business employing 329 people with 17 offices in nine countries with more than half of its sales from international markets.  PRODUCTS:Brewer Science provides innovative technology products business to business. Its technology products can be found in computers and electronic devices, displays and cameras, and sensors and controls. It has three overall product areas which are supported by a solid foundation of Research and Development:
  • Brewer Science's New Business Research & Development Group reflects its core strength in the design and development of new enabling technologies to provide answers to technology questions.
  • Brewer Science's Chemical Business Group also provides innovative thin film polymer coatings, such as its Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC®) brand of anti-reflective coatings.  This product is designed for use in the photolithography step of semiconductor manufacturing.  In addition to ARC®, Brewer Science is also a supplier of novel materials for optoelectronics and MEMS applications.
  • The Cost Effective Equipment (Cee®) Group offers custom designed integrated wafer processing equipment solutions for spincoat/bake/develop application requirements.

Brewer Science products are used in a range of industries including aviation, automotive, communications, medical diagnostic equipment, computer systems and monitors, sensors and MEMS.
Brewer Science has a deep commitment to making its community a better place to live and work. Currently, it is involved in supporting some 30 youth, charitable, social service, academic, arts and athletic organizations. Over the past five years, Brewer Science employees have volunteered more than 5,200 hours to help local projects.  Contributions made by Brewer Science and the employees of Brewer Science through donations, service and in-kind exceed one million dollars.
Terry Brewer, president and chief executive officer
Andy Waite-Wright, chief operating officer
Dr. Tony Flaim, chief technical officer