Leveraging Grants into Business Success

Mar 3, 2003

Brewer Science,  Inc. (BSI), founded in 1981 by Dr. Terry Brewer, is a leading supplier  of specialty chemicals and instruments  to the micro- and optoelectronics industries worldwide. The technologies  of Brewer Science can be found in products such as computers,  cameras, video recorders, cellular phones, medical instrumentation,  telecommunications equipment, automobiles, games, and flight instrument displays on military and commercial aircraft and NASA's  space shuttle.

Since 1984, Brewer Science has received more than  forty Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from  more than six  different  SBIR agencies including the National Science Foundation, the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (now the Missile Defense  Agency),  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Air Force,  Navy, and NASA.

Brewer Science has a demonstrated track record  of turning SBIR-funded research into successful commercial products.  In part, SBIR awards  have funded g-line, i-line, deep ultra-violet and 193-nm bottom  anti-reflective coating (BARC) products currently on the market.  These commercial products include g-line products (XLT and  XL20), i-line products (XHRi, WIDE®, and iCON), deep ultra-violet products  (CD11, DUV30, DUV32, DUV44, DUV52, and DUV54) and 193-nm products  (ARC25, ARC27, and ARC29).

SBIR dollars have been used to develop  innovative BARC products as well as optoelectronics products in support of the integrated  circuit (IC), color sensor, and display industries. Brewer  specialty chemical products benefit both defense-related  and IC industries  by enabling IC manufacturers to fabricate faster, more reliable  and robust, and cost-effective microprocessors, memory, logic  and applications-specific microchips.

Brewer Science has also  been successful in securing congressional appropriations to support  advanced research and development  projects related to defense. Brewer  Science is currently developing defense-related technologies and products  in the following areas: 1) polymer-based infrared sensors, 2) biological sensor  platforms, 3) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) materials and processes, 4) chemical vapor deposition of organic thin films, 5) high-resolution  displays and optoelectronic materials and 6) wafer-scale  planarization, imprinting  and packaging. These areas are related to the research  and development of new and  innovative materials, processes and instruments for use in the IC and  related industries.

Brewer Science has a number of ongoing research  and development relationships with commercial companies, universities  and institutes worldwide. These  partnerships are essential to leverage the internal capabilities of  Brewer Science using  external resources and to gain a better understanding of the technical  problems the IC  and related industries are facing. These partnerships enable us to  bring relevant technical solutions (i.e., materials, processes,  or instruments)  to our customers  to help them solve their complex technical problems.

Most importantly  our customers and the community find that Brewer Science is a company  of the people, for the customer and by the technology

To learn more about Brewer Science, please  visit our web site at www.brewerscience.com.