Brewer Science Expanding Globally

Oct 3, 2003

 Brewer Science is pleased to announce the establishment of Brewer  Science Taiwan, Limited, located in Taipei, Taiwan. As a subsidiary  of Brewer Science Incorporated, BST is a joint venture between Brewer Science, Incorporated, USA, and Trivet Industrial Corporation,  a well-established Taiwanese technology and trading company.

Serving as a marketing, technical support and service center for  anti-reflective coatings, specialty material products and  CEE equipment,  Brewer Science Taiwan, Limited will provide new and existing customers  direct access to Brewer's chemicals, specialty optoelectronic,  and equipment expertise. The chemical product offerings of Brewer  Science Taiwan Limited will be manufactured in both the United States at Brewer Science, Inc. and also under license by Nissan  Chemical Industries Limited located in Japan.

Our office, shared  with Nissan Chemical Industries, is at the following address:

Suite  503, Number 142, Chung-Hsiao East Road Section 4,
 Taipei 106, Taiwan.
 Telephone (886) (02) 2777-2990
 Facsimile (886) (02) 2711-4232


Andy Wong – General Manager, Brewer Science Taiwan
Email: Andy Wong

 Stanley Wong - Account Manager , Brewer Science Taiwan
Email: Stanley Wong

 Hitoshi Suzuki – General Manager, Nissan Chemical Industries
Email: Hitoshi Suzuki

With offices located globally,  we can help our customers achieve the best performance with our products. We are committed to establishing  long-term relationships that help customers reach their goals and expectations. Brewer Science is a leading-edge original technology corporation providing innovative chemical and equipment solutions in the microelectronic, MEMS, optoelectronic and sensor industries. Founded in 1981 by Dr. Terry Brewer, Brewer Science is a corporation of the people, for the customer and by the technology,.'

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