Brewer Science Reaches 25 Year Milestone

Jan 2, 2006

Rolla, MO – Brewer Science has reached a significant milestone, a silver anniversary.  Since 1981, Brewer Science has had a commitment to employees, customers and technology that has spanned 25 years.  The Brewer Science vision, to be a company of the people, for the customer and by the technology as well as the company mission, to sustain long-term success through value based culture, diversity and growth has remained consistent since Dr. Brewer's created the business.  

Because the vision and mission has not changed, there is corporate capability and corporate strength of vision.  While markets may change, the vision and mission have remained consistent and have resulted in a business with a reputation for leading edge technology products created by innovative professionals.  The vision, and mission of the company are lived throughout the company and are a part of every plan and every relationship.

Jess Cortese, Managing Director of Human Resources, has taken the leadership role in the development of programs to encourage professional and personal growth for employees.   "The company has made and continues to make huge investments in self-growth, with the development of an original program to encourage original thinking.  We have a diverse group of employees who are committed to creating original products, processes and answers for our customers," said Cortese.    "The internally developed training program encourages employees to continue learning and to share their knowledge.  This synergy leads to communication pathways which foster growth."

In addition to developing current employees, Jess Cortese advises, "We have created the capability to broadly access external talent.  This accelerates the pathway to new products and new discoveries."  

Throughout the years, Brewer Science has never stopped listening to customers.   This combined with the employee development efforts has lead to an entrepreneurial culture and breakthrough technological solutions.  

With a huge investment in research and product development, Brewer Science continues to focus on listening to customers to create original technology answers for their micro-electronic needs.  Through working with customers, a solid relationship is formed that allows us to work closely to meet both immediate needs and develop products for future needs.  

Brewer Science may be best known in the micro-electronics industry for introducing ARC® brand bottom anti-reflective coatings in 1982 to chip makers worldwide.  The family of ARC® brand products has grown and continues to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.  Through the years, additional products have been added to the portfolio to include optoelectronic products, which support integrated circuits, color sensors and the display industries throughout the world.   

In 1987, Brewer Science designed a wafer-processing machine for use in our lab.  This machine was to test our new products.  Through this prototype, another portion of the business was created and currently provides customers with customized wafer processing equipment designed to meet the unique needs of each end-user.  

With humble beginnings, Brewer Science has broken ground 4 times to expand the global headquarters facility, located in Rolla, Missouri. The last groundbreaking occurred in 2002 with the addition of a 47,500 square foot research and development facility.  In addition to the growth in Rolla, Missouri, Brewer Science has also expanded globally with the addition of Brewer Science, Limited, located in the United Kingdom in 1992.  In 2001, Brewer Science Asia, Limited, located in Hong Kong, China was created.  In 2003, Brewer Science Taiwan, Limited and in 2005, Brewer Science Germany, Limited.  In addition to these facilities, a network of regional offices scattered worldwide, provide customer service and logistical support to our customers. Currently Brewer Science has 294 people employees strategically located to serve our customers.

Brewer Science has made a commitment to quality and to the environment, with the achievement of ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 14001 certifications.  These achievements provide stakeholders with the assurance that Brewer Science is committed to remain the supplier of choice to its customers. that every employee is charged with the responsibility to meet or exceed customer expectations and that we will maintain quality systems that enable continuous improvement throughout all areas of our company for the benefit of all customers.  

Our ISO 14001 certified environmental policy lets our stakeholders know that Brewer Science has established and is committed to maintaining an environmental management system with the overall objective of preventing pollution of the environment.  Brewer Science will comply with all relevant federal, local and IATA regulations wherever we operate.  The system will drive continuous improvement through planning, monitoring, corrective action and management review.  

The commitment to the environment is shared beyond the Brewer Science campus as Brewer Science partners with the community to co-sponsor community wide events such as the Community Household Hazardous Waste Collection, Stream Clean and Earth Day activities.   Reaching out through relationships has been vital to the growth and success of the company.  

Brewer Science has a deep commitment to making its community a better place to live and work.  Brewer Science contributes to approximately 30 youth, charitable, social service, academic, arts and athletic organizations through donations, service and in-kind.