Ground Breaking for Expansion

May 17, 2002

Brewer Science of Rolla, Missouri will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on May 16, 2002 between the hours of 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM, in recognition of the new Research and Development Facility.

The new facility will be 47,500 square feet and will house the Research and Development Group, New Business Group and Analytical Services. The Research and Development Facility will be located in the Hy-Point Industrial Park in Rolla, Missouri near the existing 65,000 foot facility which houses manufacturing and offices.

The new facility will have state of the art analytical laboratories and clean rooms. The building will also have pilot plant facilities, which will allow products to be developed from conception to manufacturing. Research and development team centers will also be housed in the new facility. In addition there will be seating capacity for 175 people with conference rooms. The addition of this facility will allow Brewer Science to continue to lead the way with innovative products in the micro electronic, opto-electronic and sensor industry.

Brewer Science researches the needs of the micro-electronics industry and develops products and technology to meet and exceed the expectations of the electronics industry. By blending the most up-to date science and knowledge with our proprietary technology, Brewer Science has earned a global customer base. Brewer Science is involved with key customers in the research and testing of products to meet customer expectations for future products.

The new facility is scheduled to be complete by December 2002.

BSI manufactures chemicals and equipment for the microelectronic industry. Its anti-reflective coatings have made the reduction in feature size to under 0.1 micrometers feasible. Current internal development projects include products to enhance photolithography using light of wavelength below 193 nm. BSI's custom and semi-custom dispensing equipment has been used by a number of major integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers in process development and scale-up.

Brewer Science, Inc. is located in the Ozarks Mountain region of South Central Missouri. It is located approximately 100 miles from both St. Louis, and Springfield, MO. Rolla is also the home of the University of Missouri at Rolla, a world-renowned engineering school. The University of Missouri and Brewer Science have formed a strong relationship that has helped build a positive awareness of the contributions that Brewer Science makes to the Rolla community.

While Brewer Science is regarded as a leading edge employer by the community, Brewer is also used as a benchmark by other businesses. Brewer Science strongly supports the community, by taking a leadership role in the development of the area. You will find Brewer Science involved in the development of a Child Care and Development Center in the Hy Point Industrial Park, as well as sponsoring many cultural and charitable activities with time, talent and funding. Brewer Science is a company that gives to the community.

While the location is unique to the microelectronics industry, Brewer Science Inc. has proven itself to have a significant impact in the microelectronics industry by providing world competitive technologies. By developing successful win-win partnerships, Brewer Science has established successful relationships with a global customer base.

Brewer Science, Inc, began its 20th year of operation on October 1, 2001 and has grown from a 2500 square foot research facility to a 65,000 square foot facility with research and manufacturing capabilities. The growth of the company can be attributed to innovative research and development efforts, which allow Brewer Science to move quickly from research through commercialization.

In the local community Brewer Science is viewed as more than a local employer. Brewer Science is viewed as a company, which provides an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. In the global community Brewer Science has earned the reputation for providing consistent quality and leading edge innovative technologies in the microelectronics industry. For more information about Brewer Science or Contact Planarization please visit our web site at