The Missouri Waste Control Coalition

Jul 4, 2002

 Brewer Science, Rolla, MO, has gone beyond their industry standard in regards to their environmental management. They are helping their local community in improving waste management and environmental practices. With the help of the internal Environmental Specialist and the Recycling Coordinator, an education and waste reduction program is aiding the company and the community.

After years of holding household hazardous waste collection for  employees, this year Brewer Science opened the event to the entire  community. An incredible 44,000+ pounds of waste was brought in from the surrounding community residents during this event. This  effort, above and beyond the industry practices, caught the attention  of the Missouri Waste Control Coalition. As a result of this attention,  Brewer Science was recognized with an Outstanding Business Achievement  Award from the Missouri Waste Control Coalition. This honor is  given to private businesses whose actions and attitudes have surpassed  the necessary requirements to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines  or to those who have made a unique contribution to waste management  practices.

Besides the annual collection, Brewer Science has an active in-house recycling program. Currently, the recycled items include cardboard, paper, plastic containers, plastic bags and polystyrene packing. Brewer Science has also provided financial support to aid the local recycling center in the implementation of plastic bag and stretch film recycling.

Brewer Science is a leading edge original technology corporation providing innovative chemical and equipment solutions in the micro electronic, opto electronic and sensor industry. Founded in 1981 by Dr. Terry Brewer, Brewer Science is a corporation of the people, for the customer and by the technology. Download the Adobe PDF version of this Press Release.
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