ProTEK™ Temporary Etch Protective Coatings

Feb 20, 2006

Brewer Science is pleased to announce the development of a new temporary protective coating system for basic etchants which offer customers an alternative to their current wet-etch process materials. ProTEK™ etch protective coatings are spin-applied polymeric coatings designed to give maximum protection, durability, and longevity against harsh etchants during deep silicon wet-etching processes. Brewer Science's ProTEK™ coatings are capable of withstanding the adhesion challenges brought on by a variety of substrates including nitride, oxide, metals, glass, and various other materials. These coatings are compatible with a variety of semiconductor materials and are able to withstand and survive the etch process without decomposing or lifting off of the substrate. ProTEK™ coatings are easily removed after the etch process with ProTEK™ Remover or by an oxygen plasma process.

Typical applications that have been found to benefit from the unique properties of ProTEK™ materials include:

–    front-side protection during backside v-groove etch process
–    front-side protection during wafer-thinning process. For more information about ProTEK™ coatings please click here to visit the product page.