EV Group & Brewer Science cooperate in ultrathin wafer handling solution development

Aug 7, 2006

Contact information:   
Jim Lamb - jlamb@brewerscience.com, + 573.364.0300
Steven Dwyer – sdwyer@evgroup.com, +1 480.727.9608

EV Group (EVG), based in Schärding, Austria, and Brewer Science, Inc., based in Rolla, Missouri, USA, announce that they are co-developing a solution for the handling of ultrathin wafers that will allow high-temperature advanced packaging processes using a temporary wafer bonding system.

As pioneers in the area of permanent and temporary wafer bonding, EVG brings many years of tool and process expertise to this growing problem.  Likewise, Brewer Science brings 25 years of advanced materials expertise gained as a supplier of polymeric coatings to the microelectronics industry. The two companies are combining their experience and knowledge to create a complete ultrathin wafer handling solution for semiconductor companies that need to perform wafer thinning and high-temperature advanced packaging processes, followed by quick debonding. End users in the industry are currently evaluating solutions.

EVG's EVG®850 Temporary Bonding platform is already the industry standard for temporary bonding solutions. It is used extensively in low-temperature post-processing applications in the compound semiconductor and power device markets.  This extension of the product line into tackling one of the mainline semiconductor industry's technical hurdles is a natural progression for the system.

"EVG sees the collaboration with Brewer Science as an important step towards meeting the customer expectation that we are a total solution provider. It is no longer possible to only supply the equipment or the material.  It is up to organizations like Brewer Science and EVG to work together to tackle the industry challenges and to provide the full solution to our customers, so that we may all be successful," says Eric Thallner, CEO and Founder of EVG.