Focus On Technology

Apr 19, 2007

April 19, 2007 - Brewer Science, Inc., headquartered in Rolla's Hy-Point Industrial Park, announced an organizational change that will enhance its well-established ability to bring new, creative technologies to market that promote the growth and success of its customers.   

As a result of a number of prevailing market trends and identified customer needs Brewer Science has repositioned approximately 75% of its equipment business personnel to promote the development of additional material,  equipment and process technologies.   The resulting organizational structure will eliminate less than 10 positions from the Brewer Science global workforce.

"Our commitment to provide innovative leading edge products demands that we continually refine our product portfolio so that we can exceed the expectations of our customers.   With the product shift, we have refocused our organization so that we have our resources in the right places to lead the technology industry with the next generation of products.  We are committed to serving our customers and continue to take our responsibility as a quality employer and corporate citizen seriously," says Jess Cortese, Executive Director of Human Resources.

Brewer Science is a leader in providing technology products and answers for the semiconductor and micro-electronics marketplace.  Brewer Science technologies are used in a wide range of industries including aviation, automotive, communications, medical diagnostics, and in computer systems, including monitors and sensors.