Brewer Science Commercializes the Semiconductor Industry's First Microelectronics-Grade Carbon Nanotube Coating

Jul 17, 2007

Brewer Science, a trusted provider of leading-edge materials and processes to the semiconductor industry, announces the commercial availability of the first microelectronics-grade carbon nanotube (CNT) coating. A breakthrough in the refinement of the carbon nanotube material enables the removal of metallic and carbonaceous contaminants. The solution is easily applied by spinning, spraying, micro-dispensing, or ink-jet printing.

Jim Lamb, Brewer Science's Director of Corporate Business Development, states, "This breakthrough carbon nanotube coating opens up a new realm of possible avenues of emerging technology. We will see the viability of carbon nanotubes being used to form  not only nonvolatile memory but also thermal conductive coatings, touch screen displays, chemical/biological sensors, and carbon-based electronics. These carbon nanotube networks are easily patterned by traditional photolithography processes to allow placement and use of the electrical and mechanical properties of the nanotubes within a device."

The Brewer Science CNT coating features:
–    Industry standard cleanliness for trace metals
–    Low carbonaceous impurities
–    Individual, unbundled CNTs in a surfactant-free benign solvent
–    Stable suspension of individual carbon nanotubes
–    Trusted semiconductor materials manufacturer
–    Ability to be processed by legacy fabrication and diagnostic tools

New and emerging applications:
–    NRAM™, nonvolatile, highly scalable, fast memory for stand-alone, embedded, or application-specific designs
–    Biosensor and IR detector applications
–    Touch-screen display applications
Brewer Science, Inc., under a technology license from Nantero, Inc., is the exclusive manufacturer & supplier of microelectronics-grade CNT coating for NRAM™ field of uses.  Said Greg Schmergel, co-founder and CEO of Nantero, "We are excited to have successfully completed our joint work with Brewer Science so that this revolutionary new product could become available.  We wanted to work with Brewer Science because the companies that will license NRAM™ know and trust Brewer Science as a highly innovative materials supplier, which they have proven once again with this announcement." CNT solution will be commercially available starting from August 1st 07 for a wide range of emerging applications. About Brewer Science:

Brewer Science is a multidivisional technology company that has pioneered industry-enabling innovation from ARC® anti-reflective coatings to ProTEK® etch protective coatings. Brewer Science is a major producer of high-quality materials, processes, and machine solutions that meet the stringent requirements of today's IC, compound semiconductor, MEMS, and optoelectronic industries. Under the leadership of Dr. Terry Brewer, president and founder, Brewer Science continues to develop innovative technologies, reliable products, and responsive services, each attuned to the specific needs of individual customers. Further information on technologies and products from Brewer Science can be obtained via the company's website at

Contact information: Jim Lamb, Director of Corporate Business Development,, (US) +1.573.364.0300

About Nantero:

Nantero is a nanotechnology company using carbon nanotubes for the development of next-generation semiconductor devices. Nantero's main focus is the development of NRAM™.   Nantero is the first company to actively develop semiconductor products using carbon nanotubes in a production CMOS fab. Nantero's extensive intellectual property portfolio currently includes over 100 patent applications, of which over 40 have already been granted. Nantero is also working with licensees on the development of additional applications of Nantero's core nanotube-based technology.  The trademark NRAM™ is owned by Nantero, Inc.  More information on Nantero, Inc. is available in English and Japanese at