Brewer Science Releases ARC®160 Series

Feb 26, 2007

Brewer Science, a leading supplier of advanced lithography materials, has released ARC®160, a ArF (193nm) anti-reflective coating that is demonstrating, as POR at large semiconductor fabricators, faster etch and dramatically lower out-gassing in the newer bake module than other ARC® materials. This versatile coating has proven value in multiple applications for semiconductor processing applications such as, pre-metal dielectric, hardmask and shallow trench isolation applications.

Solving the problem of out-gassing from lithography materials within new IC processing bake equipment is squarely and soundly addressed with the latest generation of ARC materials. ARC160 is designed to produce extremely low amounts of sublimates during bake, unlike less sophisticated spin-on materials (see out-gassing graph).

Less out-gassing helps increase wafer throughput, since you will not have unscheduled shutdowns to clean residue from your coat/bake module. And ARC®160 has a etch-budget saving etch rate (see etch rate graph).

Brian Larabee, Managing Director, Marketing for Brewer Science, wishes to express his excitement on the release of ARC®160 in that this clean baking spin-on organic BARC material demonstrates our continue focus on the customer's problems. He stated, "We understand that unscheduled maintenance of the bake module was really cutting into through-put and we knew we could help by carefully studying the core issues and then modifying our products to reduce the sublimates."
  • ARC®160 is a 2nd minima BARC with min. reflectivity at 82nm  on Si
  • Optical properties @ 193nm; n = 1.79  k = 0.30
  • Compatible with photoresist from Fuji Film, JSR and Shin-Etsu.
  • Wide bake window margin - 180 to 215°C
  • Etch rate 40 - 50% faster than ARC®29A (CF4)
  • Very little outgassing during BARC bake
  • Good via fill properties and topography coverage
Reduced Sublimation Capability as determined by our proprietary sublimation testing.

ARC®160 is a global, commercially available, product in 1 to 4 liter bottle and can be supplied for the use of large semiconductor manufacturers now. Formulated for 200 and 300mm processes

Further information on the technology and product information from Brewer Science can be obtained via the company's website at