Brewer Science Announces OptiStack® System to Reduce Time and Cost of Immersion Lithography Process Development

Mar 6, 2011

February 28, 2011 - Brewer Science, Inc., the leading supplier of advanced lithography materials, is pleased to launch the OptiStack® system of products, a combination of materials, software and process support that is designed to push the limits of advanced lithography, save time and money for new equipment and increase return on lithography investment. With the ability to be used in advanced lithography integration schemes, the OptiStack® system is the leading choice for sub–20 nm processing and delaying the implementation of costly EUV processes.

The Brewer Science® OptiStack® system offers advantages over other multilayer systems by offering variable n and k of the hardmask layer. The OptiStack® modeling software allows for significant optimization of lithography conditions while maintaining the desired multilayer thicknesses so the customer can use existing optical proximity correction (OPC) and etch recipes.

The Brewer Science® OptiStack® system goes beyond just material solutions by offering a packaged solution for advanced lithography, including:

  • The widely recognized and proven broad resist compatibility of Brewer Science® products
  • Variable n and k materials that give the same lithography performance regardless of substrate by eliminating topography dispersion and underlying substrate optical constants from the OPC equation
  • ArF and KrF wavelength flexibility
  • Proprietary OptiStack® simulation tool for advanced lithography process modeling
  • Industry-leading process development support with 30 years of expertise in material science and process applications

Brewer Science continuously improves leading-edge lithography products to reduce defectivity and outgassing and increase ease of line integration. For more information about the OptiStack® system of products, please contact Chris Cox, Technology Director, at