Brewer Science Introduces Carbon Nanotube–based Sensors to Detect Environmental Factors and Chemical Explosives

May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013 – Brewer Science, a market leader in lithography enhancement materials for semiconductor manufacturing and a commercial supplier of electronics-grade carbon nanotube (CNT) materials, will present its innovative work utilizing CNT materials for sensor applications at the Nanotech Conference in Washington, DC.

“Brewer Science serves a unique role in the carbon electronics supply chain with capabilities to supply CNT materials and to design and prototype CNT-based devices,” said Ram Trichur, Business Development Manager at Brewer Science, Inc. “We are introducing two types of CNT-based sensors to detect environmental factors and the presence of trace amounts of explosives. The explosives sensors are capable of detecting a few parts per billion of chemical explosive materials, while the environmental sensor can provide immediate feedback to small changes in temperature and humidity.”

Carbon nanotube rendering

“With its small form factor, the CNT-based temperature and humidity sensor can play an integral part in our everyday electronics, from mobile phones and tablet PCs to medical and industrial monitoring, while the explosives sensors can play a key role in our defense and national security,” added James Lamb, Director of Business Development.

Brewer Science will share these advancements at the Nanotech Conference, May 12-15, 2013, in Washington, DC, by presenting the following topics:

"Functionalized carbon nanotube–based sensors for detecting a trace quantity of 2,4-dinitrotoluene explosive vapors, with selectivity"
Authors: Vijaya Kayastha, Carissa Jones, Christopher Landorf
Presentation • Monday, 13 May 2013 • 2:45 pm, In the CNS: Electronics & Devices Session, Woodrow Wilson B

"Decoupled temperature and moisture sensor made of CNT-based nanomaterials on flexible plastic substrates"
Authors: Liyong Diao, James Lamb, Stephen Gibbons, Wu-Sheng Shih
Poster • Tuesday, 14 May 2013 • Organic & Flexible Electronics, Posters 1:30, Expo Hall

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