Brewer Science Commercializes Thermal Slide Debonder for Compound Semiconductor Thin-Wafer Handling

Dec 6, 2013

December 05, 2013 - Brewer Science, a prominent supplier of thin-wafer-handling materials, processes, and equipment to the microelectronics industry, announced today the first commercial placement of its Cee® 1300CSX thermal slide debonder. This innovative debonder was purchased by an industry leader in the production of high-powered radio frequency (RF) components for use in wireless communications.

The Cee® 1300CSX thermal debonder enables high-temperature slide-off debonding of thinned silicon and compound semiconductor substrates (including GaAs, GaN, InP, and SiC) from a rigid carrier to allow further processing of delicate thinned wafers. This debonding can be accomplished in a confidential laboratory setting without interrupting high-volume track production time and without investing large amounts of capital in additional automation.

“This commercial launch marks another strategic milestone in reducing the customer’s cost of ownership for thin-wafer handling through Brewer Science’s industry-leading equipment, temporary bonding materials, and process integration,” said Justin Furse, Brewer Science Equipment Technology Strategist.

The Brewer Science® Cee® 1300CSX thermal debonder delivers exceptional accuracy, interface capabilities, and process flexibility. This uniquely designed debonder enables precise control of the process temperature for thermally sensitive substrate materials. Customers will accelerate time to market of their new ultrathin wafer technologies with the enhanced Brewer Science® Cee® 1300CSX thermal debonder.

Significant improvements engineered into the new Cee® 1300CSX debonder design include:

  • Precise lower platen z-position control
  • Programmable electronic lift pins for loading and unloading
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible substrate sizes
  • Constant force mode
  • Data logging
  • Excess force sensing

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