ARC i-CON®-7 The thinnest 365nm BARC in the semiconductor industry ARC i-CON®-7 for sub 0.35µ i-Line lithography.

Feb 9, 2004

Introducing the newest and thinnest i-Line anti-reflective coating on the market, ARC i-CON-7®. This 1st minimum ARC® at 700Ã… provides a conformal coat over topography. Improved etch selectivity of 1.4:1 to photoresist opens new frontiers in i-Line lithography.
ARC i-CON-7 reduced thickness and improved etch  selectivity to photoresist allows the "front-end post  deep trench on Nitride" process to use thinner photoresists.  Photoresist, used in conjunction with ARC i-CON®-7,  minimizes the total BARC open etch time. Therefore, photoresist  loss during etch improves the resist-budget.
Attaining 0.25µm resolution that was once only available in the DUV world can now be achieved by combining ARC i-CON®-7 with the latest photoresist. Steppers capable of high NA or variations in Sigma coupled with the current generation of photoresist can achieve <0.3µm feature sizes. This allows the lithographers to use 248nm tools for more critical (<0.2µ) processed. Click here for  further information on the newest thinnest 365nm product.