ARC28 and ARC29A 193nm Anti-Reflective Coatings

Oct 3, 2004

Introducing three new ArF anti-reflective coatings – ARC®27, ARC®28, and ARC®29A. These products offer improved optical parameters, etch characteristics and an increased depth of focus required by the current design rules. All three materials are designed for use in the ArF (193nm) photolithography processing.

The use of anti-reflective coatings improves critical dimension control and expands process capability. Both ARC27 and ARC28 have been designed for optimal reflectance at first minimum. The optimized reflectivity aids the process in obtaining better CD control and a broader process latitude. Another benefit of using a first minimum is that the etch throughput is maximized. ARC29A has been designed for optimal reflectance at second minimum. With the use of ARC29A the user gains broad resist compatibility, better thickness control, better topography coverage and expanded depth of focus. Click here for more information on the Brewer Science 193nm anti-reflective coating product line.