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Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem

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The batteries powering the flexible revolution

If you were to crack open an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other consumer electronic device, you’d see that a large, rectangular relic takes up about 40 percent of the interior: the battery.

Is the fourth industrial revolution already happening?

Is smart manufacturing about to usher in a fourth Industrial Revolution?

Printed electronics on display in Santa Clara

Thanksgiving arrives a little early for all of us in the semiconductor industry.

Facial recognition: How a silly app uses incredibly powerful technology

Snapchat is a silly thing.

Artificial Intelligence: Sinister or sensational?

In 1997, a feat of artificial intelligence (AI) was on international display when Deep Blue, an IBM-designed computer program, took down Garry Kasparov, a grandmaster and World Champion, at his own game: chess.

Stuffing stereotypes: This isn’t your grandpa’s manufacturing

If you work outside the manufacturing segment, you may hold old stereotypes about what “factory work” is like. Perhaps you’re picturing a poorly lit, drone-like existence in which you stare at a conveyor belt all day for low pay and little chance of advancement. Or maybe you believe the viable production jobs are now all overseas.

The few, the proud, the disruptors:  Brewer Science joins ranks of game changers

One of the buzzwords in manufacturing is “disruptive technology.”

Anniversary of innovation: Brewer Science celebrates 35 years

It started with a scientist in a block building located in rural Missouri, forging forward on a shoestring budget out of belief in one groundbreaking idea. Since then, Brewer Science has invented multiple products and processes that have furthered the microelectronics industry, created jobs, and generated economic value to the region, the state, and national economy. This fall, the privately held firm named for founder Dr. Terry Brewer celebrates 35 years in business.

Multi-layer: A better solution in manufacturing

When faced with a difficult problem, it’s hard to know which way to go.

A quick look under the hood of an autonomous car

Whatever your preconceived notion of autonomous cars are, companies like Tesla and Google are bringing autonomous cars out of the sci-fi world and into a new reality — and just in time.