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Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem

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The unsung hero of the next technological generation

As we push to shrink feature sizes and introduce full-scale 3D integration, the substrates on which integrated circuits are printed must obviously become thinner. Much thinner.

3 places where solar energy is having a tremendous impact

For centuries, humans have tried to harness the seemingly endless power of the sun. And now, it seems like we’re making some big strides.

Nano, new, and nifty: Brilliant nanotechnology gadgets still in the pipeline

Some of the latest developments in nanotechnology are enough to impress even the most brilliant scientist. For the average non-scientific consumer, the possibilities can be downright mind-blowing.

Many entrepreneurs have these 5 personality traits

It’s the old nature-versus-nurture argument: Is the ability to be an entrepreneur something you’re born with, or something you instill in yourself? Good news for introverts and late bloomers: Research shows the most important skills can be acquired over time. A look at successful entrepreneurs throughout history, in fact, depicts a wide range of ages, personality types, and GPAs.

A foundational shift: Scientific computing in the semiconductor world

Semiconductor manufacturing is changing.

3 reasons flex sensors are paving the future

Looking at the endless opportunities of what a flex sensor is capable of, it got us thinking about the slew of possibilities within various industries.

A new protective coating is a manufacturer's dream come true

It’s common knowledge that water and oil don’t mix.

National Chemistry Week a beaker of hope for future scientists

Reactions generated amazement, nitrogen ice cream was devoured, fire sprang to life and poems were whipped up as chemistry buffs across the nation celebrated National Chemistry Week Oct. 16–22.

Why we're excited about SEMICON Japan

In 1977, Intel introduced the 16-bit CPU at a small inaugural semiconductor event in Tokyo.

The batteries powering the flexible revolution

If you were to crack open an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other consumer electronic device, you’d see that a large, rectangular relic takes up about 40 percent of the interior: the battery.