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Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem

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The few, the proud, the disruptors:  Brewer Science joins ranks of game changers

One of the buzzwords in manufacturing is “disruptive technology.”

Anniversary of innovation: Brewer Science celebrates 35 years

It started with a scientist in a block building located in rural Missouri, forging forward on a shoestring budget out of belief in one groundbreaking idea. Since then, Brewer Science has invented multiple products and processes that have furthered the microelectronics industry, created jobs, and generated economic value to the region, the state, and national economy. This fall, the privately held firm named for founder Dr. Terry Brewer celebrates 35 years in business.

Multi-layer: A better solution in manufacturing

When faced with a difficult problem, it’s hard to know which way to go.

A quick look under the hood of an autonomous car

Whatever your preconceived notion of autonomous cars are, companies like Tesla and Google are bringing autonomous cars out of the sci-fi world and into a new reality — and just in time.

Manufacturers: Come back, Rosie the Riveter!

Remember WWII’s Rosie the Riveter, the strong and capable figure symbolizing real-life women who took over factory work for men fighting overseas?

Advanced Materials: Disrupting an Industry

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Creative crosswind: Brewer Science likes link between science and art

What was founded in Berlin, performs all year across Europe, Japan and North America, and returns annually to entertain classical music aficionados in Missouri?

DSA: How far we've come and how much farther is left to go

To the average consumer, the path of new technology looks pretty linear. A cool new concept emerges, scientists figure out how to manufacture it, and pretty soon consumers can find it in a product.

3 interesting places sensors are having an impact

Sensors have become so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore. After all, everything we encounter that takes a charge or has an on/off switch has at least one sensor.

How nano is helping solve the world's water crisis

There is no resource on Earth more precious than water. Every single living organism on this planet would be unable to survive without it.