Temporary Bonding Materials

BrewerBOND® 220 Materials

BrewerBOND® 220 temporary wafer bonding material is an organic coating that enables back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers using standard semiconductor equipment. This product improves throughput, simplifies cleaning, and shortens processing time.

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For coatings thicker than 20 µm, BrewerBOND® 220 material is a good option as an alternative solution to typical wax adhesives. It offers significant advantages because it can be applied with a one-coat process. The material provides up to a 160-μm film with a single coat and customized spin process. BrewerBOND® 220 material enables backside temperature processing up to 250°C with minimal device wafer bowing. BrewerBOND® 220 material does not introduce additional stress in the bonded stack. This versatile material can be used for the thermal slide or mechanical debonding methods.

Key Market Sectors

  • 3-D wafer-level packaging
  • MEMS
  • Compound semiconductor


  • Enables backside temperature processing at 200°C – 240°C
  • Enables slide debonding with low force
  • Enables minimal device wafer bowing during processes
  • Up to 160-μm film possible with a single coat and customized spin process BrewerBOND® 220 Bonding Material Coating Parameters (8” substrate) Static dispense in center of wafer