High-Speed Device Sensors

prototype HT1022 printed sensorBrewer Science’s fully integrated temperature and relative and absolute humidity sensor platform provides virtually instantaneous detection and offers a discreet, fully integrated, adaptable, and ultralow-power solution critical to the performance of today’s cutting-edge applications.

Our flagship sensors integrate multiple sensors on a single substrate, optimizing performance for specific applications, and work with a large variety of substrate types.


Integrate with Other Sensors
Brewer Science sensors are fully integratable and can be printed side by side on the same substrate with a variety of currently available sensors such as pressure, strain, and many others. This integration feature enables other types of sensors to be precisely compensated for humidity and temperature, resulting in optimal data performance of the complete system.

Wireless Sensing Capability
Our suite of passive direct-current or low-frequency sensors has been designed and tested to work on most wireless protocols including radio-frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, and other technologies.

Instant Response Rates
The nanoscale carbon based fabrics and layers used in the manufacture of the sensor platform, along with consequent high-speed diffusion, enable Brewer Science’s humidity sensors to operate at rates that are a magnitude faster than commercially available humidity sensors.

Ultralow Power
Brewer Science sensors are capable of operating with currents in the nano-amp range, allowing the device to be used in low- or ultralow-power applications.

More Substrate Choices
Brewer Science’s printed sensor fabrication methodology enables more choices of flexible and non-flexible substrates including silicone and most polymers. Performance of existing sensor technologies can be optimized by printing humidity and temperature calibration standards in close physical proximity to other types of sensors.