Cee® 300XD

Spray & Puddle Developer

The Cee® 300XD spray/puddle developer combines accurate spin speed control, and a high horsepower drive for aggressive acceleration.

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The 300XD spray/puddle developer offers direct fan-jet spray, side-angle puddle, and stream dispense options. These features combine to ensure the elimination of process variables for a large array of process chemicals and applications. The 300XD has a state-of-the-art user interface and has been designed specifically for 300-mm round substrates and large LCD squares up to 14” × 14”.


  • PC control for enhanced interface capabilities and connectivity
  • Enhanced Lid-lift assist feature (gas spring opens ≥45°)
  • Stand alone cabinet and streamlined design for minimized footprint (Chemical Storage)
  • X-PRO Workstation integrates stand alone cabinet with an upper exhaust enclosure for creating mini-environment (monitors and data logs ambient conditions)
  • Direct-angle continuous and/or side-angle spray puddle develop
  • New streamlined design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Highest horsepower drive (indirect) system in its class

Developer Options

Spray, puddle and stream dispense options are offered on our Cee® Model 300XD. These dispense methods are normally used in conjunction with a pressure can dispenser which holds the developer.

Spray Dispense (Puddle/Direct)

This option utilizes two spray nozzles to apply developer
solution and deionized (DI) water. It uses an open UHMW lid with spray nozzles mounted either outside the wafer plane, spraying inward from the center of the wafer out (puddle), or directly over the substrate for continuous (direct) spray

  • Uses 1-gallon pressure cans as reservoirs for developer solutions
  • Can use a maximum of six spray nozzles
  • Can be configured to accommodate up to four center puddle/direct dispenses

Stream Dispense (Puddle)

This option uses a standard automated center dispense option with pressure cans. It functions by “streaming” the developer and DI water onto the top of the substrate.

  • Very economical
  • Utilizes standard auto-dispense Lexan® lid or open developer lid
  • Uses suck back dispense valves
  • Minimizes material usage

DI Water Rinse

Both topside and backside DI water rinse options are available. This method of dispense is normally used in conjunction with a pressure can dispense or by using a house DI water supply.