EdgeWRAP™ systems

EdgeWRAP<sup>™ </sup> System Based on our industry proven Spin Coaters and ProTEK® material platforms, the Brewer Science® EdgeWRAP system enables seamless coating of substrate edges by simultaneously applying material to the top, edge, and bottom side-rim of a substrate. By "wrapping" the edge of the wafer, device manufacturers can protect sensitive structures and the wafer edge so that an excellent mechanical substrate stability can be maintained during chemical wafer thinning and deep cavity etching. Unlike conventional clamp, black wax, adhesives and tape methods, the EdgeWRAP® system seals the delicate circuitry thoroughly, thereby eliminating etchant leakage problems and the resulting knife-edge formation. This reduces yield loss from wafer breakage, etchant on the unprotected devices and excessive bowing of the thinned wafer.

Implement the EdgeWRAP system for your chemical wafer thinning and deep cavity etch processes.

  • Increase process wafer throughput
  • Increase post-process wafer yield
  • Reduce cost of ownership

Unique Protective Underside Edge Coverage

edge cover

Backside of wrapped wafer with magnification of edge.

TheEdgeWRAP system spin-applies protective polymer coating simultaneously to the top, edge, and underside of the wafer, which makes these surfaces impervious to most chemical etchants. The amount of backside coating is variable. The backside ring also increases the thinned wafer stiffness, reduces bowing thus improves ease of wafer handling.

The Total EdgeWRAP Solution

Deep Cavity Etch

Wafer edge and backside integrity - after etch

Until now, wafer processing engineers accepted that deep cavity etching inherently creates mechanical wafer instability that arose from the severe bulk thinning of the entire backside and edge of the wafer. There is a solution.

Today, with the application of the EdgeWRAP system and protective coating, the substrate edge can remain intact by simply wrapping it in an impervious coating. The protected wafer surfaces will provide stability for the whole wafer and result in a newfound robustness and increased wafer yield.

Combine the Tool with the Material

Brewer Science developed the EdgeWRAP system to be paired with our ProTEK® materials to provide you with an easy-to-implement total solution.

ProTEK®materials are available in either the ProTEK®A or ProTEK®B formulation.

  • ProTEK®A formulation provides wafer protection in acidic etch baths.
  • ProTEK®B formulation provides wafer protection in caustic etch baths.