Cee® X-PRO Workstation

Cee® 300XD heavy-duty developer shown with X-Pro package Brewer Science® Cee® X-PRO workstations offer customized exhaust enclosures that integrate with their stand-alone cabinets and create a virtual clean room environment (commonly known as a mini-environment).


  • A virtual clean room environment for advanced prototyping and/or pilot-line production
  • A stand-alone system with safety-compliant chemical storage
  • Enclosed spin chamber with exhaust port for preventing process fumes from contaminating ambient lab environment
  • Compact design for minimized footprint

A virtual clean room environment in your lab

The upper enclosures of the Brewer Science® Cee® X-PRO workstations can be designed for ductless or ducted exhaust for preventing vapor fumes from contaminating the ambient lab environment. The enclosure features a fan filter unit (FFU) for vertical laminar flow through a particle filter (ULPA, HEPA, or carbon amine filtration) of various efficiencies (E*).

The hood is also compatible with optional programmable meters for detecting and logging (with X-series software) environmental conditions including air pressure, velocity, flow, humidity, and temperature stability and uniformity. The X-series software will automatically monitor these conditions in real time and provide users with the ability to program error limit warning thresholds.

Each workstation seamlessly combines Cee® precision equipment with these enhancements to create optimal turnkey processing solutions and deliver increased production yields in a small-scale setting.

*E = Percentage of restrained particles under defined conditions