BrewerBUILD™ Material Series

Multi-functional Carrier Assist Build-Up Layer
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BrewerBUILD™ Material Series

The introduction of the BrewerBUILD™ material series offers an industry-wide multifunctional solution addressing the challenges associated with redistribution layer (RDL)-first/chip-last packaging in wafer- or panel-level processes.
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Step 1 1. Temporary carrier coated with release layer

Step 2 2. Seed layer deposition

Step 3 3. Photoresist coat, patterning and electroplating

Step 4 4. Photoresist strip, metal etch

Step 5 5. Coat, pattern and cure polymide layer

Step 6 6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for creating muliple RDLs

Step 7 7. Ball attach, die bonding, epoxy molding, mold grinding

Step 8 8. Release carrier, clean release material from device

Why use RDL-first?

To avoid known-good die loss during packaging, an alternate fan-out process called RDL-first/chip-last fan-out packaging is used, where the RDL is first built on a carrier wafer, and KGD are placed on top of a known good RDL location thereby avoiding KGD loss. The RDL-first process also offers other advantages in terms of finer line/space dimensions for RDL to offer complex routing for denser device integration and a higher I/O count.

BrewerBUILD™ Material Benefits

  • Single-layer material for RDL buildup and assembly
  • Mechanical, chemical, and thermal stability to withstand RDL-first process flows
  • Compatible with wafer-level and panel-level processes
  • Laser debond compatible (308 nm, 355 nm, etc.)
  • Spin-On packaging compatibility
  • Multi-chip integration
  • Achieves high-density RDLs with smaller-pitch line-space patterning
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BrewerBUILD™ Material Series