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Brewer Science combination systems utilize the Cee® 200 series spin and develop tools in combination with the Cee® 1300X bake plate, providing a fully integrated process station using a single interface.

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Cee® 200DBX tool

Brewer Science® Cee® precision coat-bake combination systems combine a track-quality precision spin coater with a high-uniformity bake plate, all in an efficient, space-saving design. Cee® processing equipment has proven that it is possible to obtain million-dollar-track uniformity in a smaller, more flexible, much less expensive system.

Brewer Science has been designing and manufacturing the reliable and sophisticated Cee® brand since 1987 and has established a reputation for being the supplier of choice for those seeking flexible, rugged, and dependable equipment solutions.


Cee® 200CBX tool

The precision coat-bake combination systems are further examples of how Brewer Science® Cee® processing equipment provides the most proficient technology in a unique format.