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Developmental Protective Coatings

ProTEK® PSR-R Coating

Developmental PSR Coating

ProTEK® PSR-R coating is a developmental product that protects soft plastic substrates from environmentally induced abrasion or chemical damage. The 100% organic coating exhibits superior hardness, excellent transparency, and high thermal stability and provides 500 times more scratch resistance than unprotected plastics. This unique solution has superior adhesion to plastic substrates including polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC). The cured coating is chemically resistant to most cleaners and solvents, including ketones, ethers, and alcohols.

ProTEK® PSR-R coating offers the following coating and material features:

  • Greater than 9H pencil hardness
  • Non-yellowing under high temperature or UV exposure
  • Completely transparent (>99% transmission in the visible spectrum)
  • High gloss (> 100 gloss units at 85°)

Material properties

  • Low-temperature processing with UV cure
  • Highly planarizing
  • Up to 97% solids and versions available with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Designed for various coating methods
  • Thermally stable over 300°C
  • Adhesion modification available for various substrates

Coating Methods

  • Slot-die coating
  • Spray coating
  • Spin coating

ProTEK® PSR-R coating can be applied by various coating techniques including spray, spin, ink-jet, dip, or slot-die. The versatility of coating techniques makes ProTEK® PSR-R coating the solution to protect a range of plastic substrates used in flexible and flat panel displays and optics. It is also an ideal product for optical discs, automotive components, injection-molded parts, gauges, mirrors, and signs.

*ProTEK® PSR-R is used for research purposes only.