ARC® Anti-Reflective Coatings

Litho profiles with and without the use of a BARC

Brewer Science® ARC® anti-reflective coatings improve the photolithographic process, enabling fine resolution of photoresist features.

Brewer Science is the expert in manufacturing and implementing anti-reflective coatings for the semiconductor industry. Our line of products stretches across the whole spectrum of wavelengths and is the most comprehensive product line-up in the industry.

About ARC® coatings

Bottom anti-reflective coatings (ARC®) are polymer based liquid chemistries that have three primary functions in the creation of a semiconductor.

  1. The light absorbing chemistry controls light as it passes through the photoresist during the photolithography stage of chip manufacturing. The result is a dampening of reflected light on the surfaces and inside the material (destructive interference).
  2. Reduces or eliminates reflective notching and standing waves and doesn't need additional adhesion promoter.
  3. The liquid chemistry typically flattens surface topography.

Spin coating BARC can increase depth of focus and reduce reflective notching.

By using anti-reflective coatings, semiconductor chip manufacturers have been able to push their process windows to create the smaller features that today's consumers have come to expect.