Brewer Science: Our Anthem

Right here, in the heart of America, you can find Brewer Science – a global leader in the semiconductor industry. A contradiction to the status quo, technologists and leaders at Brewer Science inspire and build real change every day. As an organization, we are empowered dreamers who thrive on creating technology that enriches communities and lives across the globe.

Plastic: A Brief History & Outlook

Plastic defined means “pliable and easily shaped.” According to the Science History Institute, plastic only recently became a name for a category of materials called polymers. Over time, humans have learned how to make synthetic polymers that are strong, lightweight and flexible.

Sacrificial Laser Release Materials for RDL-First Fan-out Packaging

 Article published in Chip Scale review's March - April 2018; Volume 22, Number 2 Issue

The semiconductor industry is in a new age where device scaling will not continue to provide the cost reductions or performance improvements at a similar rate to past years when Moore’s law was the guiding principle for IC scaling. The cost of scaling below 7 nm nodes is rising substantially and requires significant investment in capital equipment and R&D spending for next-generation lithography solutions. The demand for higher performance, smaller form factor, denser integration, and lower-cost devices is increasing more than ever due to significant progress made in products and services developed for consumer electronics, mobile devices, cloud computing, automotive, and various other applications. While the semiconductor industry continues to advance scaling of the integrated circuits, it is also turning to advanced packaging technologies to increase performance and integration while lowering costs.

Environmental Awareness: How to Build a Culture of Environmental Responsibility

Protecting our environment and conserving resources are essential to running a successful and mindful business, but how do you make this part of your organization’s mission and vision? The key to building a culture of environmental responsibility begins with the commitment and support of leadership and engagement of all employees.  Engaged employees are a key source for ideas and serve on teams that assure regulatory compliance and build environmental projects. In this blog, we explore how Brewer Science has made environmental friendliness a part of everyday life for all employees through the following projects: Green Circle Zero Waste to Landfill certification, solvent reuse and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

From the Bottom Up: Making More Room with Selective Surface Modification

surface_modificationRichard Feynman, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, gave a famous lecture titled “There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom.” Today’s microelectronics process engineer, in the context of conventional top down lithography, would find it difficult to accept this statement without a long list of caveats. Aggressive scaling demands for newer generations of microprocessors have led to extremely tight budgets for tolerances on device dimensions and device placement on a chip, among other challenges. One may argue that there is very “little room at the bottom” for error.  

Defining an Industry: The evolution of Wafer-Level Packaging at Brewer Science

Much of the semiconductor industry is familiar with Brewer Science as the inventor and leader of the bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC) revolution. Since being established in 1981, Brewer Science has continued to be the market leader in supplying total solutions for enabling lithographic processes pushing beyond Moore’s Law. What many may not realize is that Brewer Science also pioneered the way with developmental materials and processes that enabled thin wafer handling (TWH) by providing temporary adhesives and release technologies.


In a world where you can be anything, Brewer Science chooses to be an environmentally responsible technology leader

The choice to be environmentally responsible began when the company was founded in 1981. The owner of Brewer Science, Dr. Terry Brewer, was focused on creating value for our customers through original technology products in the semiconductor market. As Brewer Science invented new products and technologies and manufactured them, Dr. Brewer continued to instill confidence and ‘followership’ that Brewer Science was the environmentally responsible technology leader that would continue to lead the world by inventing superior technology that would make the world a better place.

News roundup: How scientists and engineers are tackling the hurricane aftermath

More than two months after hurricanes Irma and Harvey battered the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the U.S. continues to struggle with remediating the destruction.

Expanding our Ecosystem

Brewer Science has always had a reputation for innovative research.  As a company, we have constantly pushed ourselves to not only work at the cutting edge of the industry but to push past that and address the future needs of the industry.  As we continue to plan for the future needs of the lithography industry, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to build strong partnerships that will all us to produce the highest quality results for our customers.

Hurdling Challenges With High-Temperature Spin-On Carbon Materials

The race to advance front-end lithography has seen previously insurmountable roadblocks become some for the industry’s greatest achievements. Brewer Science has been a market leader in advanced lithography breakthroughs starting with the invention of bottom anti-reflective coatings in 1981. Today, Brewer Science maintains a broad array of materials to meet the industry’s needs as we approach the limits of Moore’s Law and beyond. Spin-on-carbon (SOC) materials are part of this legacy of materials innovation.