ApogeeTM Bake Plate

with DataStreamTM Technology

The Cee® Apogee bake plate features a revolutionary intuitive interface, a space-saving design, and track-quality thermal accuracy and uniformity.

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  • New compact design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Durable benchtop design that can be converted to a flange-/deck-mountable configuration
  • Enhanced logging and optional programmable height control
  • Hot plate cover that is cool to the touch, adding extra safety benefits
  • Programmable exhaust
  • Lift pins are now a standard inclusion
  • DataStream technology as the standard interface


  • Apogee Bake PlateTouch screen interface and display
  • Virtually unlimited recipe storage
  • Virtually unlimited steps per program
  • 0.1-s resolution for step times with a range of 0 to 9,999.9 s/step
  • Three automated bake methods: contact, vacuum, proximity
  • Bake plate auto-sizing for 3-inch, 100-, 125-, 150-, and 200-mm substrates
  • Temperature data recording
  • Electronic lift pins programmable in 0.1-mm increments with an overall range of 0 to 13 mm
  • Security - password protection available at no charge