Cee® 200XD Developer

 Spray & Puddle Developer

The Cee® 200XD puddle and spray developer delivers track-quality performance, a revolutionary touch screen interface, and chemical and process flexibility, in an efficient, space-saving design.

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  • Spray, puddle, and stream systems available
  • Onboard Windows®-based PC control for enhanced interface capabilities and connectivity
  • Configurable for direct-angle continuous and/or side-angle spray puddle develop
  • New compact design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Teflon® spin bowl for maximum chemical compatibility
  • Durable wet-bench design that can be converted to a flange/deck mountable configuration

Developer Options

Spray Dispense (Puddle/Direct)

This option utilizes two spray nozzles to apply developer solution and deionized (DI) water. It uses an open UHMW lid with spray nozzles mounted either outside the wafer plane, spraying inward from the center of the wafer out (puddle spray), or directly over the substrate for continuous (direct) spray applications.

  • Uses 1-gallon pressure cans as reservoirs for developer solutions
  • Can use a maximum of four spray nozzles
  • Can be configured to accommodate up to four center puddle/direct dispenses

Stream Dispense (Puddle)

This option uses a standard automated dispense spinner and pressure cans. It functions by streaming developer and DI water onto the top of the substrate.

  • Very economical
  • Utilizes standard auto-dispense Lexan® lid
  • Uses suckback dispense valves
  • Minimizes material usage

DI Water Rinse

Both topside and backside DI water rinse options are available. This method of dispense is normally used in conjunction with a pressure can dispense or by using a house DI water supply.