Cee® 300MXD

Megasonic Cleaner

The Cee® 300MXD megasonic developer & cleaning system applies uniform acousDc energy to spinning substrates to resolve high-density features. This design ensures enhanced development resolution and mitigates risk to fragile device structures.

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300MXDThe Brewer Science® Cee® 300MXD megasonic developer/cleaner combines an intuitive Windows®-based operating system, megasonic transducer (ProSys MegPie), extremely accurate spin speed control, and a high-horsepower drive for aggressive acceleration. The radial megasonic array is specifically designed to apply uniform acoustic energy to spinning substrates. The Cee® 300MXD tool features a complementing stream puddle dispense for supplying developer/cleaner solutions to the wafer surface. These features combine to ensure enhanced development resolution and to mitigate risk to fragile device structures. This tool is also capable of removing < 0.15-µm particles when configured for post-develop or chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) cleaning applications. The Cee® 300MXD developer/cleaner has a state-of-the-art user interface and has been designed specifically for wafer sizes ranging from 3 inches to 450 mm and for large LCD squares up to 14 in × 14 in.


  • Onboard PC control for enhanced interface capabilities and connectivity Windows®-based operating system
  • Enhanced Lid-lift assist feature (gas spring opens ≥45°)
  • Stand alone cabinet and streamlined design for minimized footprint (Chemical Storage)
  • X-PRO Workstation integrates stand alone cabinet with an upper exhaust enclosure for creating mini-environment (monitors and data logs ambient conditions)
  • Flexible configuration for enhanced developing and cleaning applications for fragile device structures
  • Stand-alone cabinet and streamlined design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Drive system (indirect) with highest horsepower in its class

Enhanced Process Applications*

  • Photoresist developing to produce high-aspect-ratio features for MEMS and advanced lithography (KrF/ArF)
  • Thick-film SU8 developing
  • Post-develop cleaning
  • Post-CMP cleaning
  • Photomask cleaning
  • Photoresist stripping
  • Metal lift-off (heated dispense optional)
  • Metal etching (heated dispense optional)