InFlect™ Thermistor

Developmental Printed Electronics Products

InFlectTM thermistors utilize our revolutionary carbon-based nanotechnology to deliver highly accurate and real-time response to small changes in temperature.

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  • Millisecond data capture for enhanced yield and throughput
  • Extends battery life due to low-power operation
  • Improves decision-making capabilities through real-time data collection
  • Easily interfaces to existing electronic systems


  • Ultrafast response time (< 250 ms)
  • Low power operation (< 30 pW)
  • Wide operating voltage range (< 4 mV - 50 V)
  • Hermetically sealed; environmentally stable
  • Low drift; high accuracy
  • Flexible form factor


  • Industrial tool optimization
  • Temperature monitoring of electronic components
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Personal electronics/wearables
  • Food/agricultural supply chain and storage
  • Consumer appliances
  • Power supply (heat sinks)
  • Battery, displays, LED
  • Robotics
  • EV and HV batteries