Cee® 300X

Precision Spin Coater

Cee® precision spin coaters feature high spin speed resolution, broad chemical compatibility, and exceptional reliability.

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Cee 300XThe Cee® 300X heavy-duty-drive spin coater combines an intuitive Windows®-based operating system, extremely accurate spin speed control, and a high horsepower drive for aggressive acceleration. These features combine to ensure the elimination of process variables for a large array of process chemicals and applications. The 300X has a state-of-the-art user interface and has been designed speci cally for 300-mm and larger LCD squares up to 14” × 14”.


    • Onboard Windows®-based PC control for enhanced interface capabilities and connectivity
    • Enhanced lid-lift assist feature (gas spring opens ≥ 45°)
    • New compact design for minimized footprint
    • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
    • Drive system (indirect) with highest horsepower in its class
    • Compatible with stand alone exhausted cabinet (chemical storage)
    • Optional X-PRO workstation integrates stand-alone cabinet with an upper exhaust enclosure for creating a mini- environment (monitors and logs data on ambient conditions)


    • Machine weight: ~115 lb (52.2 kg)
    • Shipping weight: ~250 lb (113.4 kg)
    • Cabinet dimensions: 27.75 in (70.5 cm) W × 34.75 in (88.3 cm) L × 20.25 in (51.5 cm) H