Carbon Electronics

Carbon-based electronics are the next big leap in electronics technology. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been studied for a long time, and the enormous amount of research has finally enabled commercial applications to come to fruition in the form of next-generation electronic devices.

Jordan Valley Innovation Center in Springfield, Missouri
Brewer Science Carbon Electronics Center – Springfield, MO

At Brewer Science’s Carbon Electronics Center, we develop CNT technology and materials for applications across two areas:

1. CNT-based non-volatile memory

Using CNTs will revolutionize the performance of electronic devices in very the near future. Currently, CNTs are used in the development of non-volatile memory devices at multiple production-ready CMOS fabs for commercial production of NRAM® nanotube-based random access memory devices.

2. Printed electronics applications

Printed electronics is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. By utilizing high-throughput, low-cost, additive material processes and CNT technology, end-users can realize both cost-effective manufacturing products and advanced device performance.

Goal and Mission

Our goal at the Brewer Science Carbon Electronics Center is to advance carbon nanotubes (CNTs) beyond R&D and into commercially viable applications by providing a stable supply of superior-quality materials and commercial device platforms.

The mission of the Brewer Science Carbon Electronics Center is to be the CNT industry’s market and technology leader. We provide CNT inks, coatings, and ancillaries through leading-edge research, formulation, and applications development; device prototyping and reliability characterization; and consistent, reliable manufacturing for our development partners, government contractors, and commercial end users.

Why choose Brewer Science as your carbon nanotube solution provider?

Brewer Science is already a world-leading supplier of electronics- and printing-grade CNT materials, supplying cutting-edge technology worldwide.

Brewer Science:

  • Has more than 30 years of experience as a semiconductor materials supplier
  • Has more than 10 years of experience in research and manufacturing of CNT solutions for commercial electronics applications
  • Is the only licensed supplier of CNT solutions for high-volume NRAM® device production in a commercial fab environment
  • Has ISO-registered quality and environmental management systems (ISO® 9001, 14001 registrations)
  • Has safety management systems that are OHSAS 18001 registered
  • Has a state-of-the-art CNT solution manufacturing facility in Springfield, MO
  • Has a worldwide sales and support network with regional technical/sales support