BrewerBOND® 510 Material

Release Material for Mechanical Debonding

Temporary wafer bonding release material for mechanical debonding applications.

Mechanical Release Illustration

Key Market Sectors

  • 3-D wafer-level packaging
  • MEMS
  • Compound semiconductor

 BrewerBOND® 510 material is applied to a carrier using a simple process and is compatible with ≤300°C bonding materials. After processing, a low-force separation method is used to debond, and the carrier could potentially be reused. Because the carrier may be reused (depending on metallization processes), this material has a lower cost of ownership than other options, making it ideal for entry into the wafer-bonding space or for projects with smaller throughput requirements.


  • Compatible with 250°C - 300°C bonding materials
  • Simple application on carrier
  • Lower cost of ownership with carrier reuse
  • Carrier rework by RCA clean or ash
  • Low-force separation